On Request Autonomous Vehicle Application
J.M Armingol, J. E. Naranjo, F. Jimenes, A. de la Escalera, F. Garcia, D. Gomez, A. Al Kaff, A. Hussein, P. Marin, F. M. Moreno , J. Beltran, C. Guindel and M. A. de Miguel.

Perception framework

 The vehicles of the intelligent system lab will show their advances in data fusion and enhanced perception, based on Lidar and computer vision for environment understanding, mapping and localization.

 Experimental set up & Demonstration

  • The  autonomous vehicle receives a communication from the pedestrian, performing a vehicle request.
  • The car, driven by itself moves to the location of the passenger.
  • Passenger get in and confirms the pick up in the vehicle.
  • Vehicle moves to the desired location
  • Passenger gets off and the vehicle is ready to repeat this process again.

During the path, and in the demonstration site, the vehicles will display the obstacle detection and classification, as well as the environment reconstruction.

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